Since 2006 South Bus Transport & Trade Services (SBTTS) has been providing its services to Luton and the rest of Britain. We started as a small and humble one man truck transport company. Over then last 12 years we have grown into one of the most sought out transport and trade service providers in the East of England. We offer the following services:

  • Transport and haulage services
  • Logistics management
  • Moving and cleaning services
  • Trade services (20+ services)

We are a unique and one of a kind company that offers various services across various industries. Our CEO and founded Kieran Palmer was once told the business would fail as one can not build a business across such a wide range of industries. 12 years later those who doubted the business model and now clients of South Bus Transport & Trade Services and we are one of the most sought after provider of our services across Britain.

If you are looking for a company that will provide A class service. Has a reputation for getting the job done on time and is trustworthy then SBTTS is who you want! Call us today on 01582 720287.